Painting your Miniatures to the top Standard

Battleground Vertigus has some really nice terrain and Mission packs that will make playing on the game table ever more fun.

In this set, you’ll discover eighteen new coordinated play missions and approaches to bring themed territory and adjusted war zones into serious commitment. There are various choices in here for the individuals who should run competitions and large occasions at gaming clubs which are more centered around that serious arrangement. The Tactical Deployment occasion puts the emphasis on the people to bring the territory they need to play.

This expands on the alternatives from the Command Edition of the new Warhammer 40k Starter Set and gives you a system of destroyed dividers pipelines, and stupendous buildings to fight in. Everything in the dark and grime future is both a working environment and adequately a blessed site. It’s difficult to keep away from the look of The Emperor when his iconography is all over. Here is a converted model of Robute Gulliman into the Emperor of Mankind.

Hopefully one day GW will release a Horus Heresy model of him. However until then Ive needed to do a few modifications to make this model look the part.

converted emperor

Emperor of Mankind

This set could also have some very good terrain for kill team, in addition to 40k games.

Individuals start off with little terrain to use in there 40k games and are able to truly set aside the time and effort to paint a modest bunch of miniatures one after another. There is nothing more overwhelming for most of us than simply observing a heap of unpainted plastic. It’s a lot simpler to paint in parcels and gradually work through an assortment step by step. The use of Contrast Paints and dry brushing can really help bring a large force to a battle ready standard in just a few hours. That what I do for most of my forces just spending extra time on my most important figures.

I’ll definitly be using much of the terrain in Battleground Vertigus for conversion with my miniatures. With the new rules coming out for both Necron and Space Marine miniatures makes me wonder what will happen for the Custodes. It would seem that all marines not just Primaris marines will be getting 2 wounds instead of 1. The terminator marines now have 3 wounds a piece so I’m expecting the Custodes to get 4 wounds base or a feel no pain type of rule to continue to signify their superior genetic make up over the standard space marine.

I used to paint my Custodes with base paints such as retributor Armor and in many ways it is more ideal to use, however I found that the best metallic shine comes from the vallajo liquid metal series. It is achohol based paint so you wont be able to thin them with regular arylic based thinners, and it is not ideal to use with a paint bush as I had to learn the hard way. The vallajo liquid meettal paint is desighned to be sprayed out through an airbrush and can be thinned  out with isopropyl alcohol. Don’t us the watered down 50% one either because it will cause the pigment to separate and sit at the bottom. I use 91 percent which might be a bit too high since it evaporated very quickly, but the 70 percent isopropyl works just fine.



  1. I hope I can still get a credit for this comment because I did try to enter your site. Unfortunately a warning message states that your site may not be private. This could mean it is not safe and I don’t want to risk losing any private info. I do think the topic is awesome if I’m getting it right. Are you writing about printing actual figures? If so, I really want to get on your site and get some info. Do you have any suggestions on a printer for beginners? Seems like this would be a fun hobby but maybe expensive. What materials are used for the finished product?

    • thank you for trying ill have to check my site and see if my word press is updated. I had that issue a few weeks back and thought I had fixed it. To answer your question though 3D printers have actually gotten a lot cheaper over recent years. You can get a simple plastic printer for around 100 dollars possibly even cheaper. The resin ones still have the highest quality prints but can be a lot more expensive. I do think i found on for $250.but its a very small printer. the plastic ones use these long rolls of plastic that gets fed in and melted the resin one use UV sensitive liquid resin and lasers to harden it.

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    • Yes what I normally do is look up art and available miniatures i can buy then decide what I need to print to make the miniature look the way i want it to. We are working on a YouTube channel that can demonstrate how we go about modifying and painting miniatures.

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